When you have set the date for your experience, keep an eye on the weather forecast. A beautiful blue day will result in a far better outcome than a bad weather day with rough winds and a hard rain. Keep up with the tide schedule or contact your charter a week before and ask for their advice.


Make sure you dress for the occasion:

Dress in layers as you can always remove what you do not need, however you can not add what you do not have. Your clothes must be comfortable and also keep in mind not to wear your Sunday best as you will most likely get a bit dirty. Do not forget about your feet – where there is water, there is slippery surfaces – so rubber sole shoes are always best as we would like to try and catch a fish and not swim with one.

However, whenever in doubt, contact Tommie Taylor, skipper of Deep Sea Hunter fishing charter on +27 (0) 82 333 3446. He is always ready to assist with any questions or even just a fun chat.

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